Test Solutions

DevOps automation. Let's get it done!

P8-Test Module

Our P8 platform provides all tools needed for a wholistic DevOps practice. However, if you just want automated testing, we've got you covered with our test module!

Performance Testing

Continuously run tests with thousands of virtual users from multiple global locations. Configure multiple OS and Hardware combinations to ensure maximum compatibility.

Robot Process Automation (RPA)

Our Bot technology will combine Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the core aspects of P8-Test to automate the mundane, error-prone process workflows within your IT business environment.

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CI/CD Service

Continuous Integration (CI) and Delivery (CD)! When implemented correctly, app development is faster, less expensive, and of higher quality. Our service optimizes development, build, testing, and deployment pipelines.

API Testing

Supplement your QA suite with automated API testing. Test your APIs in seconds and ensure your API calls are returning the results that you and your customers expect.

Decentralizied Device Lab

Deep in the bowels of the Prometheus8 laboratory, our engineering team is working on a solution to bring a plethora of test devices to our customers at a major cost savings. The solution will include "The Fog" Proof-of-Competion and decentralized access control with a cryptographic hash.

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DeviceFarm Integration

Our P8-Test automation eliminates complexities of packaging mobile tests that run within AWS DeviceFarm. Click the details below (Powered by FogChain)

Automated Testing

Save time and reduce manual testing cost with our automated testing service. Replace unproductive, error laden manual tests and ensure accuracy with test case automation!