API Testing

Ensure your software is doing the right things for your business

What is API Testing?

API consists of a set of classes/functions/procedures which represent the business logic layer. It is an indispensable test in software engineering. Validate the functionality, reliability, performance, and security of the programming interfaces in your application’s software architecture with API Testing.

What we do

Unlike other types of software testing there in no GUI available when API testing which can make the task daunting for some. No worries, as a part of our service Prometheus8 will:

  • Setup the initial environment making sure database(s) and server(s) are configured as per application requirements.
  • Gain understanding of the functionality of the API program and clearly define the scope of the program.
  • Apply testing techniques such as equivalence classes, boundary value analysis, and error guessing and write test cases for the API
  • Input Parameters for the API need to be planned and defined appropriately
  • Execute the test cases and compare expected and actual results.
  • Provide output reports as needed to all stakeholders

API testing should cover at least the following testing methods apart from SDLC process:

  • Discovery testing: Manually execute the set of calls documented in the API like verifying that a specific resource exposed by the API can be listed, created and deleted as appropriate
  • Usability testing: Verify whether the API is functional and user-friendly. And does API integrates well with another platform as well
  • Security testing: Includes what type of authentication is required and whether sensitive data is encrypted over HTTP or both
  • Automated testing: Should culminate in the creation of a set of scripts or a tool that can be used to execute the API regularly
  • Documentation: Make sure that the documentation is adequate and provides enough information to interact with the API. Documentation should be a part of the final deliverable