DevSecOps Managed Service

Make the best of your time and money

We are the only DevSecOps solution that brings it all together...

After conducting a case study on one of our largest clients, our DevSecOps Managed Service produced the following results when compared to other competitor testing approaches:

  • 35% cost savings for the DevSecOps pipeline (52% when projected over 5 years)

  • 30%-time efficiency savings in automation development and maintenance

  • 95% less time spent on scripting when compared to other automation frameworks

    These results stem from our specialized managed service which greatly simplifies the overall DevSecOps architecture. We can do the same for you!


Our engagement begins with a detailed assessment of your organization. The goal is to conduct an independent review of your organization’s DevSecOps methodology and test processes.

We conduct interviews with your project staff to understand 9 key DevSecOps Support Areas (DSAs.) Some of these DSAs include:

  • DevSecOps pipeline and process lifecycle
  • Configuration and change management
  • Review test processes and testing tools
  • Review of deployment activities and artifacts
  • Application quality management

Once the interviewing process is complete, we provide a gap analysis report and collaborate with your organization to develop an implementation plan that targets the identified gaps.

Implementation and Cost

Our collaboration with your organization continues by defining the deliverables that will make up our Results-based, managed service. This activity comprises a scope of work, contractual SLA and pricing mechanism. With a Result-based engagement, your organization can focus on pre-defined deliverables instead of acquiring expensive resources first, to complete the work. Your organization knows exactly what it will receive for the cost.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The first step in understanding the pre-defined deliverables is to establish KIPs and then set an SLA that fits your business and project goals. KPIs and SLA are derived from questions such as: 

  1. What percentage of defects should be found before pre-prod environments?
  2. What percentage of defects should be found before production?
  3. What is the cost spent in order to achieve automated testing within DevSecOps pipelines?

We establish specific criteria including tools needed to capture performance and measure actual ROI. If we underperform in any KPIs/SLA area, a rebate is provided to your organization based on a pre-define rate table.

Acquiring Tools

Our managed service includes P8, our patented SaaS platform, that allows you to get the most out of your DevSecOps implementation.

Below are just some of the unique architecture characteristics:

  • Designed with a sleek web-based UI and configured within Docker
  • Our Docker containers can exist onsite or accessed in the Cloud! You can even start onsite and migrate to the cloud at a later time
  • Execute within our mobile and web device labs that include 100+ real devices and every major OS/browser combination
  • APIs for 3rd party and other tool integrations

Architecture and Processes

DevTestOps Model (DTOM) is our tightly organized test management structure configured to support your DevSecOps management structure configured to support your DevSecOps pipeline. With this model, you'll be guided in:

  • Leveraging P8's open APIs within build tools (like Jenkins!)

  • Test Driven Development (TDD) for unit and function testing within CI/CD

  • Business Process Testing (BPT) running within pipeline for regression testing

  • Using the same test case to run on web, mobile, and desktop applications that have the same business flow

  • Traceability between release management, requirements, test planning, test execution, and defect tracking

  • Customized management reporting and metrics tracking

Communication with your Application teams

We work with your subject matter experts to define workflow communication and  facilitate team mentorship resulting in low cost future growth. Belo are some reasons why:

  • Typically, subject matter experts are non-technical with an eagerness to learn automation development/ Wouldn’t it be great to harness their business knowledge and quickly turn it into automated tests to support DevSecOps?
  • Our precise implementation of P8 and DTOM guides non-technical users and turns them into professional DevSecOps contributors.
  • The structure matches the right team members skill set to the right DTOM operation area
  • While participating in the overall workflow, team members will naturally cross-train each other.

We are the only solution that seamlessly brings together:

  • Codeless automation
  • Full lifecycle testing
  • Mobile device labs
  • Docker containers with OS/Browser combinations
  • CI/CD infrastructure
  • Results-based engagement (KPIs/SLA)

Customized for your organization!